Important Information Regarding Working with Children Checks

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) has recently received a number of enquiries regarding teachers and police officers obtaining a Working with Children (WWC) Check. The question raised by clubs and members is “why are VIT registered teachers and Victorian Police Officers required to get another WWC Check for their lifesaving clubs?”

The reason that LSV insists all teachers obtain another Volunteer WWC Check is due to the following. If a Victorian Institute of Teachers (VIT) registered teacher or Victorian Police Officer commits an offence we as an organisation need to be notified. If LSV is not listed as the volunteers’ employer or relevant organisation, the Department of Education and Department of Justice (DoJ) would be informed but LSV would not. As a result, a teacher or police officer who is a member of a club could have committed an offence and still be interacting with children. This has occurred in the past and we are not willing to take the risk again. Hence, the reason that we stipulate all members must have an LSV specific WWC Check.

We acknowledge that this is frustrating for teachers and police officers, and due to this we have had several conversations with VIT and DoJ with regards to this issue and how we can resolve it. Unfortunately, at this point in time this is the best process that covers all bases and protects our members.

For further information please refer to the LSV organisational WWC Check policy below:

Member Protection – Working with Children Checks

To view our frequently asked questions regarding WWC Check, please click on the link below:

We hope that this clarifies the reasons for this organisational decision but please feel free to contact Hayley Murdoch on 03 9676 6934 or email if you have any further questions.