About Us

Welcome to the Bonbeach Life Saving Club!

We are a very proud Victorian Life Saving Club – providing voluntary patrols during the summer season at Bonbeach, ensuring that swimmers and watercraft users can enjoy Port Phillip Bay in a safe environment.

There can be no ambition higher than the saving of a human life and on this humane basis our Life Saving Club operates.

Bonbeach Life Saving Club was formed in 1932 and the season opened with 200 members. In April 1934 Chelsea Council granted us a site at the bottom of Lord Weaver Grove and the building was formally opened in February, 1936. The Club continues to have a strong membership and a wonderful family of past members who still contribute to the Club today.

Bonbeach LSC is a friendly, family orientated Club and encourages young children of school age to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and learn life skills to become lifesavers. Our youth play an important role in volunteering to keep our beach safe to all that visit.

Bonbeach Life Saving Club is proud to provide voluntary patrols in the summer months at Bonbeach Beach. We have many training opportunities during the season for members to gain invaluable skills during patrol, as well as fitness training, including on the beach, boards, skis and swimming.

Bonbeach Life Saving Club also provides water safety programs to local primary and high schools. If your school is interested in offering your student’s water safety education, please contact our Chief Instructor at chiefinstructor@bonbeachlsc.com.au.