Patrol Roster

Bonbeach Life Saving Club provides voluntary patrols to Bonbeach Beach, for all beachgoers to enjoy the beach in a safe environment on weekends and public holidays. For the 2015/16 season, patrols will be held from the 16th November 2015 to the 10th April 2016.

Observation patrols will be held between:

  • 14th November 2015 – 22 November 2015 and
  • 25 March 2016 – 10 April 2016

Observation patrols require two proficient Members holding the SLSA Bronze Medallion / Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue); AND one of these being a proficient Member holding the Advanced Resuscitation Technique Certificate.

Patrol Times

Patrol times are as follows as per period:

Period A: 14 November 2015 20 December 2015

  • 12pm to 5:30pm

Period B: 26 December 2015 26 January 2016

  • 12pm to 6pm

Period C: 30 January 2016 10 April 2016

  • 12pm to 5pm

There will be no patrol service provided on Christmas Day this season.

Please view our Patrol Roster for this upcoming season: Patrol Roster 2015/16 Season.

For more information regarding what is involved in patrols, or if members would like to make known their availabilities for the season, please contact the Club Captain at