Seniors at Bonbeach are all those members over 13 years of age who are eligible to become an active lifesaver by gaining either their Surf Rescue Certificate (13 & 14 years of age) or Bronze Medallion (15 years of age and older).

All seniors are expected to gain their award and to requalify the award each year by December of that season. Training is held in November and December to refresh skills and fitness.

Training during the off-season (April – October) consists of fitness and swim training at the pool as required and can include also running and aerobics. Fitness training is held on a Wednesday night at the clubhouse and swim training at the pool as per sessions available at the pool.

During the season (November – March), Senior Training is held on Wednesday and Friday nights at the clubhouse and includes fitness, swimming, board, ski, and carnival training. Training also takes place on the weekends for other specialised areas.

All Seniors who have the appropriate awards are eligible to compete at Lifesaving Victoria Senior carnivals that are held from December to March each year at various bay and surf beaches and culminate in the Victorian Lifesaving Championships (March) and Australian Surf Life Saving Championships (April).