Nipper Training is held on a Friday night from 5-30 pm to 7-00 pm and is run from mid-November to late March at our beach. Other training sessions may also be held on Sunday mornings, or other week nights for specialist skills for older nippers and those interested in training for events including carnival, board, beach or swimming.

We also provide training for our YIPs on a Friday night from 6.15pm to 7pm. For more information on the program provided for our YIPs, please see our YIPs page.

Parent Help

To make sure that Nipper and YIPs programs can run successfully, it is important that parents put their hands up and offer assistance. Age Managers and Coaching courses are available which educate parents and volunteers on how to instruct Nipper activities on the beach and in the water. Qualified life savers are also required to take care of water safety.

Age Groups

The minimum age for children to participate in Junior Activities in Victoria is five years (U/6), up to a maximum age of thirteen years (U/14) on a seasonal basis; age for a season is determined as at midnight on the 30th of September at the commencement of that season. A child cannot be involved in a Nippers program until they turn five years old, for example if a child turns five on the 1st of  November, they cannot join in or partake in any activities until 1 November.

 For further information on how to be a part of our Nippers program or what else it involves, please visit our Nippers Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact our Junior Coordinator at