YIP’s is a fantastic program that provides young people with motivation and rewards to keep them involved in lifesaving. This motivation requires continual renewal and effort. We have implemented this program into our club in the 2013/14 season.

The structured nature of the program provides youth with goals, empowers them with decision making skills and satisfies their needs for affiliation by providing social activities which they can participate in with people of similar interests. This all contributes to increasing motivation to participate in lifesaving resulting in a greater retention rate.

YIP’s also creates a sense of organisational commitment amongst young people. The program builds on the good work that volunteers are currently undertaking in Life Saving Clubs and allows youth members to work closely with committee members to deliver a holistic program, covering all aspects of club life.

What does YIP’s involve?

YIP’s is a recognition and reward program. Participants collect points for being involved in lifesaving activities. The more activities they engage in, the more hours they volunteer, the greater their YIP’s point score! YIP’s encourages participation in all areas of club activity such as:

  • Lifesaving
  • Development
  • Competition
  • Administration
  • Junior Activities
  • Youth Activities
  • Club Activities

Participants can choose their level of involvement and the areas they are specifically interested in. By collecting points three levels of achievement can be attained. These include:

  • Bronze (Minimum 150 points completed in 3 areas and 16 hours patrol)
  • Silver (Minimum 250 points completed in 4 areas and 20 hours of patrol)
  • Gold (Minimum of 400 points in 5 areas, 30 hours of patrol and completion of a project of significance)

As outlined above, a minimum number of points and patrol hours are required for each level. Once each level is obtained, the participant is presented with a reward to acknowledge their achievement and contribution to lifesaving.

For more information about the YIPs program, please visit the YIPs page on the Life Saving Victoria Website, or contact the YIPs coordinator at clubcaptain@bonbeachlsc.com.au. The YIPs Handbook is also available.